Prabhat Sinha,

Currently a Government Relations Consultant, Sinha brings uniquely diverse work experience of 40 years. Sinha worked for a range of transnational companies such as Ernst & Young, J Walter Thompson, Grey Worldwide, ITV Plc UK, Eros International Plc UK, The Maharaja Organisation Limited, Sri Lanka and Ecognosys Information Systems LLC, USA in top management roles before he began an Independent Consulting career in 2002.

Sinha supports Indian enterprise in their International Business and Government Affairs. Sinha has represented his clients with the Governments in India, at the levels of the states, the Centre and the several PSUs. Sinha has also worked with a range of Governments, not just in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh in India’s neighbourhood, but in the advanced nations such as the UK and the USA.

Sinha has supported Indian enterprise negotiate and develop FDI benefits based on Select USA and other Federal Government assistance programmes.